Week 11-Motivation

I chose to come to Austin College for several reasons. First off, it is close to home. I live approximately 15 minutes away. Secondly, my family depends on me helping them from time to time. With me being only a few minutes away, I can babysit on a whim or go check on my grandpa when he doesn’t answer the phone for hours. Next, I also chose to come here because the other close option was Grayson County College. Most of the people from my high school class decided to go there and it would be like the thirteenth grade (no thank you).  My last reason, which had very little effect, my boyfriend was already here.

One motivation theory that could relate to why I’m here today is the Humanistic Theory. I decided to go to college because I don’t want to be flipping burgers for the rest of my life. Instead, I would like to do something I love and make positive impacts in other people’s lives in the process. Also becoming an elementary teacher would help me become the best version of me because I love kids and crafts.

The second theory is the Incentive Theory. I know that once I’m done with college I’ll have a better life in the long run. Finding a job won’t as hard once I have a degree and the experience I’ll gain while in college. Also the better I do grade wise, the more often my mom and grandpa offer to buy things for me (like gas, clothes, gift cards and snacks).

One way I keep myself motivated is keeping myself super organized. When I can clearly see what I have due everyday, it is easier to check off tasks. Also the more I have checked off, the better I feel about myself. I am constantly reminding myself about getting more scholarships and possibly getting on the Dean’s list.


2 thoughts on “Week 11-Motivation

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I think that it is very sweet of you to go to a college that is close to home. I could have gone to a college close to home but I did not because I wanted to be completely independent. Sometimes I regret that because I end up missing my family a lot and that depresses me. I agree that Austin College was a better choice than your other option because I would not have liked going to a school where I already knew EVERYONE. It would take away from the true college experience. I also think that your boyfriend had a little more effect on your decision of coming here than you let on. I agree with your humanistic theory because I would not like to be flipping burgers for a living either and would like to do something much better and interesting with my life. I also agree that you had an incentive theory to come here but I think you should state if it is intrinsic or extrinsic. By the way you describe it it sounds a lot like extrinsic motivation, which makes sense because it is usually outside forces that drive us to do better in life nowadays. I think that staying organized and the way you describe it indeed is a good way to keep up your motivation but I also think that all the things you want to do and check off should be posted on your wall so that you can see it everyday and it will be a constant reminder of the things you need to do and how much closer you are to your goal.


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